September 8

‘Nature’ by Alyssa

Nature is all around you. it is grass, trees, everything alive. You need trees to breath. some people are very bad by cutting down trees and they help you breath.that is why its so important to reduce reuse recycle. Mother nature controls the weather and she likes to play games with us that’s why she makes it rain in summer and sunshine in winter. animals enjoy nature.



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September 8

‘3 for the Sea’ by Keisha


At Killara primary school we are doing something about nude food. It is where you have to try not to bring food in any wrappers. Our class is getting really good at it since the start of term 2. Our highest is in between the 800-900. So far this term we have won 2 trophies which are really good because we might get a park for the 3/4s. Kelli our music teacher also organised us to do nude food.


We have also being doing something called 3 for the sea. Kelli our music teacher has made a song about 3 for the sea. Every Monday lunch the office puts on the song 3 for the sea. We all have to show the 2 heroes in each class that we picked up 3 pieces of rubbish and put them in the bin. We would all like our school to be a rubbish free environment so that through the gutters. So we are thankful to Kelly for writing the song for 3 for the sea.

nude food 1 nude food 2

August 27

Book Week Dress-Up Day



This week we have been celebrating Book Week at Killara Primary. Tuesday 25/08 was Dress-up day and we had a lot of fun dressing as some of our favourite characters from the books we have read. In the morning we paraded around the gym with the whole school and showed off our costumes.



We also had a visit from children’s author Nova Weetman, who taught us how to plan a choose-your-own-adventure story. Here is a link to her website, in case you want to find out more about her books.

In class, we have celebrated by publishing stories we have written, and finishing our third Roald Dahl novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We LOVE books in 3/4B! What is your favouite book?

August 16

‘Division and Multiplication’ by Taryn


Multiplication is basically adding a number together as many times as the number is multiplied by. Therefore the multiplication sum 3×4, you add 3 together 4 times (3+3+3+3=12).

Division is sharing or grouping a number into equal part. For example the sum 12 divided by 3, would require 3 equal groups 4.


Multiplication problem

A town has three post offices. In each post office there are five workers. How many workers do the post offices have in total?

Division problem

There are 8 students in the class and 56 erasers. If the erasers are divided equally among the students, how many does each student get?

August 10

‘Maths’ by Alicia

Maths is one of my favourite things to do in the class. In maths we have been doing division and multiplication. Division is splitting one number into equal groups of another number. Multiplication is timing a number by another number. For division and multiplication we have been split up with a few classes. It made it easier to learn because we were with different teachers and students and we got tips from others.


Next we will be starting length and perimeter. I’m looking forward to doing it because when we did it last year I had a lot of fun. Perimeter is the outer edge of something 2D or 3D. Length is how long something is like some rulers are 30cm and 12inches long.


August 10

‘Anacondas’ by Sam

Anacondas live in the amazon jungles in south america and are part of the boa constrictor family

Anacondas live near rivers, lakes and swamps and like to live alone.

Anacondas eat frogs, toads, fish, caiman, birds, ducks and turtles

The average size of one of these snakes is

6.1 m [20 feet] long and  148.5 kg. [300 pounds]

August 10

‘School Dollarmites’ by Lachlan M.

This year Killara primary school is taking part of the commonwealth bank Dollarmites program as they have being doing for the past few years.


In the Dollarmites program it’s where every Tuesday you put some money into your bank account in a little deposit book and when you get it back you get rewarded with a little grey token. If you save your tokens up to at least 10 you can get a prize from a prize sheet they send out.


Now if do you put money in regularly like 2 or 3 dollars a week, when you get older you can withdraw your money and get a head start over everybody in cash.


If you want to check how you are doing to see if you need to start putting more money in every week to reach your goal or want to see how you are going, every 6 months commonwealth sends you a form telling you how much money is in your bank along with some notices about goal setting and new things they are doing for prizes.


That is all I have about dollarmites and how it works. If you would like to join go for more information.